The Daily Payday Personal Finance System


It’s payday! You’ve just got your paycheck and you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It seems like you have a lot in your bank account but after a few days it’s all gone. How could you have spent it so quickly? If this scenario sounds familiar to you then you would hugely benefit from this book.

“The Daily Payday Personal Finance System” helps you regain control of your finances. No more living paycheck to paycheck. Inside we lay out all the information you would ever need to begin taking care of your finances properly. Overspending is a huge issue for many people. Which is why we created this book to help you tackle the problem head-on.


Inside you will be given a tried-and-tested system that has helped countless people around the world sort out their finances. We dive deep into the proven methods that allow you to avoid overspending without the pain of setting a budget. Our solution is to open an additional bank account and set up a daily transfer limit. This means every day you wake up more money appears in your daily payday account and you can spend it without any worries. Our system requires no budgeting and has been hailed “revolutionary” by many.

Regain control of your finances today with this compact easy to follow guide!


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